Jamie Oliver Fig Chutney Recipe

Jamie Oliver Fig Chutney
Yields: 1 Serving Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 20 Mins Cook Time: 45 Mins Total Time: 1 Hr 5 Mins

Jamie Oliver’s Fig Chutney is a delightful condiment that transforms any meal into a gourmet experience. This rich, sweet, and tangy chutney pairs perfectly with cheeses, meats, and even sandwiches, making it a versatile addition to your culinary repertoire.

This recipe serves about 10 people and takes roughly 1 hour to prepare and cook.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the steps to create Jamie Oliver’s Fig Chutney, providing helpful tips to ensure you get the best results.

What is Jamie Oliver Fig Chutney?

Imagine a spread that encapsulates the essence of ripe figs, enhanced with a symphony of spices and a hint of acidity. This chutney is a thick, relish-like sauce that pairs wonderfully with a variety of dishes, adding depth and character to each bite.

Best Jamie Oliver Fig Chutney Recipe

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Why You’ll Love This Recipe

  • Versatile Use: Enhances a variety of dishes.
  • Flavorful: The perfect balance of sweet and tangy.
  • Simple Ingredients: Made with natural, easy-to-find ingredients.

Instructions to Make Jamie Oliver Fig Chutney

Step 1: Prepare the Ingredients

  • Before you begin, make sure all your ingredients are measured and prepared. Chop the figs and onions, grate the ginger, and have your spices ready.

Step 2: Caramelize the Onions

  • In your large saucepan, heat a splash of oil over medium heat. Add the chopped onions and cook until they are soft and golden, about 10 minutes.

Step 3: Add Figs and Spices

  • To the caramelized onions, add the chopped figs, grated ginger, mustard seeds, and the cinnamon stick. Stir well to combine.

Step 4: Add Vinegar and Sugar

  • Pour in the apple cider vinegar and sprinkle the brown sugar over the mixture. Increase the heat and bring the mixture to a boil.

Step 5: Simmer the Chutney

  • Once boiling, reduce the heat to a simmer. Allow the chutney to cook uncovered for about 45 minutes, stirring occasionally until it thickens and the flavors meld together.

Step 6: Prepare the Jars

  • While the chutney is cooking, sterilize your jars and lids in boiling water to prepare them for canning.

Step 7: Fill the Jars

  • When the chutney is ready, remove the cinnamon stick and carefully ladle the hot chutney into the sterilized jars. Seal the jars while still hot.

Step 8: Store for Maturation

  • Allow the jars to cool at room temperature. Store them in a cool, dark place and wait at least two weeks for the flavors to develop fully before opening.
Easy Jamie Oliver Fig Chutney Recipe
Jamie Oliver Fig Chutney

What Do I Serve With Jamie Oliver Fig Chutney?

  • Cheese Platter: A perfect companion for a selection of cheeses, especially blue cheese and aged cheddar.
  • Grilled Meats: Elevates the taste of grilled pork, chicken, or lamb.
  • Sandwiches: Spread it on sandwiches for an added depth of flavor.
  • Breakfast: Enhance your morning toast or bagels with a layer of this chutney.
  • Roasted Vegetables: Drizzle over roasted root vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes for added sweetness.
  • Savory Pies: A great addition to the filling of savory pies, giving them a unique twist.
  • Salads: Mix into vinaigrettes to dress up your salad with a fruity note.

Expert Tips to Make Perfect Jamie Oliver Fig Chutney

  • Consistent Chopping: Ensure figs and onions are chopped consistently for even cooking.
  • Monitor the Simmer: Keep an eye on the chutney as it simmers to prevent burning and ensure perfect caramelization.
  • Adjust Seasoning: Taste and adjust the seasoning with salt or a pinch of sugar towards the end of cooking.
  • Use Quality Vinegar: Opt for high-quality apple cider vinegar for a better flavor profile.
  • Sterilize Jars Properly: To ensure longevity, make sure your jars are thoroughly sterilized before canning the chutney.
  • Check the Seal: Ensure your jars seal correctly to preserve their freshness and prevent spoilage.

How Do I Store Jamie Oliver Fig Chutney Leftovers?

  • In the Refrigerator: Store the sealed jars in the refrigerator for up to 3 months. Ensure the jars are tightly closed after each use.
  • In a Cool, Dark Place: For unopened jars, store in a cool, dark place like a pantry. They can typically last for up to a year if properly sealed.

How Do I Reheat Jamie Oliver Fig Chutney Leftovers?

  • Room Temperature: Often, fig chutney is best served at room temperature. Simply take the desired amount out of the fridge an hour before serving.
  • Brief Heating: If you prefer it slightly warm, gently heat in a saucepan over low heat until just warm.

Variations of Jamie Oliver Fig Chutney

  • Spicy Kick: Add a few chopped chilies to introduce a spicy kick.
  • Citrus Twist: Include the zest of an orange for a citrusy note.
  • Herbal Notes: Stir in some chopped rosemary or thyme for an aromatic touch.

Nutrition Value Per Serving

  • Calories: 150 kcal
  • Total Fat: 0.3g
  • Saturated Fat: 0g
  • Cholesterol: 0mg
  • Sodium: 150mg
  • Total Carbohydrates: 37g
  • Dietary Fiber: 3g
  • Sugars: 34g
  • Protein: 1g


Can I Substitute Dried Figs for Fresh Figs in Jamie Oliver’s Fig Chutney Recipe?

Yes, you can substitute dried figs for fresh figs in this recipe. Use 700 grams of dried figs instead of 1 kg of fresh figs, and increase the amount of water or apple cider vinegar slightly to compensate for the lack of moisture in dried figs.

What Are the Best Pairings With Fig Chutney?

Fig chutney pairs wonderfully with a variety of foods. It is exceptional with cheeses like goat cheese or brie, as a condiment on turkey or ham sandwiches, or as a topping on flatbreads and pizzas, especially those featuring strong flavors like gorgonzola or prosciutto.

How Long Can I Store Homemade Fig Chutney?

Homemade fig chutney can be stored in a cool, dark place for up to 12 months if the jars are sterilized and sealed properly. Once opened, keep it refrigerated and try to use it within 3 months for the best flavor and quality.

Is Fig Chutney Suitable for Vegans?

Yes, Jamie Oliver’s Fig Chutney recipe is suitable for vegans as it does not contain any animal-derived ingredients. Always check the labels on ingredients like vinegar and sugar to ensure they are vegan, as processing methods may vary.

Final Thoughts

Creating this fig chutney is more than just following a recipe; it’s about embracing the art of cooking and the joy of sharing. Each jar of chutney holds the promise of delightful meals and memories to come. So, go ahead, give it a try, and let your taste buds dance to the rhythm of this sweet and spicy melody.

Remember, the key to a great chutney lies in the balance of flavors and the love you pour into making it. Enjoy the process, and your guests will surely enjoy the result. Bon appétit!

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