Easy Gordon Ramsay Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Last updated on May 14, 2024

Gordon Ramsay Mashed Potatoes
Yields: 6 Servings Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 10 Mins Cook Time: 20 Mins Total Time: 30 Mins

Gordon Ramsay’s Mashed Potatoes are a delightful side dish, perfectly creamy with a hint of garlic and richness that can transform any meal into a gourmet experience. Suitable for family dinners or special gatherings, this recipe can serve 6-8 people and takes about 30 minutes to prepare.

What is Gordon Ramsay’s Mashed Potatoes?

Gordon Ramsay’s Mashed Potatoes redefine the classic side dish with their exceptionally creamy texture and rich, buttery flavor. Enhanced with a subtle hint of garlic and meticulously balanced seasoning, these mashed potatoes offer a gourmet twist that elevates them from a simple side to a culinary delight.

Easy Gordon Ramsay Mashed Potatoes Recipe

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Why You’ll Love This Recipe

  • Perfect Creaminess: Achieves a silky-smooth texture that melts in your mouth.
  • Rich Flavor: The combination of butter, cream, and a hint of garlic ensures a rich and indulgent taste.
  • Versatile Side Dish: Complements a wide range of main courses, from roasts to grilled meats.
  • Quick to Prepare: Ready in about 30 minutes, perfect for a quick dinner or entertaining guests.

Ingredients Needed to Make Gordon Ramsay Mashed Potatoes

  • Potatoes: 1 kg (about 2.2 pounds) of Yukon Gold potatoes, peeled and quartered; these potatoes are preferred for their buttery texture and flavor.
  • Cream: 120 ml (about 4 ounces) of heavy cream, warmed; it adds a luxurious richness to the potatoes.
  • Butter: 100 grams (about 3.5 ounces) of unsalted butter, softened; for that irresistibly smooth and creamy consistency.
  • Garlic: 2 cloves of garlic, peeled; they infuse a subtle, aromatic flavor into the dish.
  • Salt: To taste, ideally sea salt for its natural and refined flavor.
  • Black Pepper: Freshly ground, for a slight kick and depth of flavor.


  • Large Pot: For boiling the potatoes until they are tender.
  • Potato Masher or Ricer: To achieve a smooth and creamy texture without lumps.
  • Saucepan: To warm the cream and melt the butter together with the garlic.
  • Mixing Bowl: Combine the mashed potatoes with the cream and butter mixture.

Instructions to Make Gordon Ramsay Mashed Potatoes

Step 1: Preparing the Potatoes

  • Boil the Potatoes: Place the quartered potatoes in a large pot of salted water. Bring to a boil and cook until the potatoes are tender about 15-20 minutes.
  • Drain Well: Once cooked, drain the potatoes thoroughly to avoid any watery texture in the final dish.

Step 2: Making the Creamy Mixture

  • Warm the Ingredients: In a small saucepan, combine the cream, butter, and garlic cloves. Warm over low heat until the butter melts and the garlic is infused into the mixture, about 5 minutes.
  • Remove Garlic: Take out the garlic cloves from the cream mixture after warming. This step ensures the flavor is just right—not too overpowering.

Step 3: Mashing the Potatoes

  • Mash the Potatoes: Return the drained potatoes to the pot. Using a potato masher or ricer, mash the potatoes until smooth.
  • Add Creamy Mixture: Gradually mix in the warm cream and butter mixture, stirring continuously until the potatoes are fluffy and well combined.

Gordon Ramsay Mashed Potatoes Recipe

What Do I Serve With Gordon Ramsay Mashed Potatoes?

  • Roasted Meats: Partner these mashed potatoes with roasted beef, lamb, or chicken for a classic pairing.
  • Grilled Vegetables: Serve alongside grilled asparagus, carrots, or green beans for a balanced meal.
  • Rich Gravy: Top with a spoonful of beef or chicken gravy to enhance the flavors.
  • Fresh Herbs: Garnish with chopped chives, parsley, or rosemary for a fresh, aromatic touch.

Pro Tips to Make Perfect Gordon Ramsay Mashed Potatoes

  • Choose the Right Potatoes: Opt for high-starch potatoes like Yukon Gold for the creamiest texture.
  • Cook Potatoes Evenly: Cut the potatoes into uniform pieces to ensure they cook at the same rate.
  • Warm Your Dairy: Always warm the cream and butter before adding them to the potatoes to maintain a hot and creamy consistency.
  • Don’t Overwork the Potatoes: Mash gently to avoid the potatoes becoming gluey or pasty.
  • Season Properly: Taste as you go and adjust the salt and pepper to ensure the seasoning is just right.
  • Use Real Butter: Avoid margarine or low-fat spreads, as real butter provides the best flavor and texture.
  • Infuse Flavors: Simmer the cream with garlic or herbs before adding to the mashed potatoes for an enhanced flavor.
  • Keep Potatoes Dry: After draining, return the potatoes to the hot pot for a few minutes to evaporate any remaining water, ensuring fluffier mashed potatoes.
  • Add a Touch of Acid: A small splash of lemon juice or white vinegar can brighten the flavors, especially if your potatoes are very rich and buttery.
  • Serve Immediately: Mashed potatoes are best served fresh and hot right after mashing for the best texture and warmth.

Variations of Gordon Ramsay Mashed Potatoes

  • Cheesy Mashed Potatoes: Mix in grated Parmesan or cheddar cheese for a cheesy twist.
  • Garlic and Herb Mashed Potatoes: Add more roasted garlic and fresh herbs like thyme and oregano.
  • Bacon Mashed Potatoes: Incorporate crispy bacon bits for added crunch and flavor.
  • Truffle Mashed Potatoes: Drizzle with truffle oil or add truffle salt for a luxurious upgrade.

How Do I Store Gordon Ramsay Mashed Potatoes Leftovers?

  • Refrigerate: Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.
  • Freeze: For longer storage, freeze the mashed potatoes in airtight containers for up to one month.

How Do I Reheat Gordon Ramsay Mashed Potatoes Leftovers?

  • Oven Method: Reheat in the oven at 350°F (175°C) until hot, about 20-30 minutes.
  • Stovetop Method: Warm over low heat, stirring occasionally and adding a bit of cream or butter to refresh the texture.

Nutrition Value (Per Serving)

  • Calories: Approximately 250
  • Fat: 15g (saturated fat 9g)
  • Carbohydrates: 27g
  • Protein: 3g
  • Sodium: 150mg
  • Cholesterol: 40mg


What Kind of Potatoes Are Best for Making Mashed Potatoes?

The best kind of potatoes for mashed potatoes are high-starch varieties like Yukon Gold or Russets. These potatoes are ideal because they break down easily when cooked, resulting in a fluffy and creamy texture.

How Can I Avoid Gluey Mashed Potatoes?

To avoid gluey mashed potatoes, be careful not to over-mix them. Use a potato masher instead of a blender or food processor, and mash the potatoes gently until they are smooth and creamy. Overworking the potatoes can cause them to become sticky and gluey.

What Is the Secret to Flavorful Mashed Potatoes?

The secret to flavorful mashed potatoes lies in proper seasoning and the use of quality ingredients. Use real butter for richness and season with salt and freshly ground black pepper to enhance the natural flavors of the potatoes. For an extra flavor boost, consider infusing your cream with garlic or fresh herbs before mixing it into the potatoes.

Can Mashed Potatoes Be Made Ahead of Time?

Yes, mashed potatoes can be made ahead of time. To do this, prepare them as usual, then cool and store them in the refrigerator in an airtight container. When ready to serve, reheat them in the oven or on the stovetop, adding a little extra cream or butter to refresh the texture.

How Long Can You Keep Mashed Potatoes in the Refrigerator?

Mashed potatoes can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three to five days. Make sure they are in an airtight container to maintain freshness. When reheating, ensure they are heated thoroughly to at least 165°F (74°C) for food safety.

Final Words

Gordon Ramsay’s Mashed Potatoes are more than just a side dish; they are a statement of culinary excellence that can elevate any meal. With the right ingredients and a bit of chef’s flair, you can bring a touch of gourmet to your dining table. Enjoy the creamy, buttery goodness of this simple yet sophisticated recipe tonight!

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