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Stew vs Casserole: A Mouthwatering Comparison of Two Classic Dishes

If you are looking for a hearty and satisfying meal that can feed a crowd, you might be wondering whether to make a stew or a casserole. Both dishes are popular and delicious, but they have some differences that you should know.

In this article, I will compare and contrast stew and casserole, and give you some tips on how to make them even better.

What is a Stew?

A stew is a dish that consists of meat, vegetables, and a liquid that is cooked slowly over low heat, usually in a pot or a Dutch oven. The liquid can be water, broth, wine, beer, or any other flavorful liquid. The meat can be beef, lamb, chicken, pork, or any other type of meat that can withstand long cooking times. The vegetables can be potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, or any other root vegetables or aromatics that you like. The stew is usually thickened with flour, cornstarch, or a roux (a mixture of butter and flour).

Some examples of stew are:

  • Beef Bourguignon: A French stew made with beef, red wine, bacon, mushrooms, and pearl onions.
  • Irish Stew: A traditional stew made with lamb, potatoes, carrots, and parsley.
  • Chicken and Dumplings: A Southern stew made with chicken, broth, and biscuit-like dumplings.

Popular Stew Recipes

Beef Stew

What is a Casserole?

A casserole is a dish that consists of meat, vegetables, cheese, and sauce that is baked in an oven, usually in a rectangular or oval dish. The sauce can be cream of mushroom soup, cheese sauce, tomato sauce, or any other creamy or cheesy sauce. The meat can be chicken, tuna, ham, or any other cooked or canned meat that you have on hand. The vegetables can be peas, corn, broccoli, or any other frozen or canned vegetables that you like. The casserole is usually topped with bread crumbs, cheese, or potato chips for extra crunch.

Some examples of casserole are:

  • Tuna Noodle Casserole: A classic casserole made with tuna, egg noodles, cream of mushroom soup, and cheese.
  • Green Bean Casserole: A Thanksgiving staple made with green beans, cream of mushroom soup, and fried onions.
  • Shepherd’s Pie: A British casserole made with ground lamb, mashed potatoes, and cheese.
Easy Mary Berry Pork Casserole

Popular Casserole Recipes

What are the Differences Between Stew and Casserole?

Stew and casserole have some similarities, such as being made with meat, vegetables, and a sauce, but they also have some differences, such as:

  • Cooking Method: Stew is cooked on the stovetop, while casserole is baked in the oven.
  • Cooking Time: Stew takes longer to cook, usually 2 to 3 hours, while casserole takes shorter, usually 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Texture: Stew is more liquidy and soupy, while casserole is more solid and firm.
  • Serving: Stew is usually served in a bowl, with bread or rice, while casserole is usually served in a plate, with a salad or a side dish.

How to Make Stew and Casserole Better?

Stew and casserole are both easy and versatile dishes that you can customize according to your preferences and ingredients.

Here are some tips on how to make them even better:

  • Season Well: Stew and casserole can be bland if you don’t season them well. Use salt, pepper, herbs, spices, garlic, onion, and other flavorings to enhance the taste of your dish. You can also use marinades, rubs, or sauces to add more flavor to your meat before cooking.
  • Brown the Meat: Browning the meat before adding it to the stew or casserole can create a caramelized crust that adds more depth and richness to your dish. You can brown the meat in a skillet over high heat, or in the oven under the broiler. Make sure to drain the excess fat and deglaze the pan with some liquid to scrape up the browned bits.
  • Use Quality Ingredients: Stew and casserole are great for using up leftovers or pantry staples, but you should also use quality ingredients to make your dish more delicious. Use fresh or frozen vegetables instead of canned, use homemade or low-sodium broth instead of water, use real cheese instead of processed, and use fresh herbs instead of dried.


What is the difference between stew and soup?

Stew and soup are both dishes that are made with meat, vegetables, and a liquid, but stew is thicker and chunkier than soup, and soup is more broth-based than stew.

What is the difference between casserole and bake?

Casserole and bake are both dishes that are made with meat, vegetables, cheese, and a sauce, and are baked in the oven, but casserole is more creamy and cheesy than bake, and bake is more dry and crispy than casserole.

Can I freeze stew and casserole?

Yes, you can freeze stew and casserole for up to 3 months, in an airtight container or a freezer bag. To reheat, thaw in the refrigerator overnight, then heat in the microwave or the oven until hot and bubbly.

Can I make stew and casserole in a slow cooker or an instant pot?

Yes, you can make stew and casserole in a slow cooker or an instant pot, by following the same steps as the stovetop or oven method but adjusting the cooking time and liquid amount according to the appliance instructions.

What are some other dishes that are similar to stew and casserole?

Some other dishes that are similar to stew and casserole are:

  • Curry: A dish that is made with meat, vegetables, and a spicy sauce, usually coconut milk or yogurt, and is served with rice or bread.
  • Chili: A dish that is made with ground beef, beans, tomatoes, and chili peppers, and is served with cheese, sour cream, and cornbread.
  • Lasagna: A dish that is made with layers of pasta, meat, cheese, and tomato sauce, and is baked in the oven.

Final Words

Stew and casserole are both comforting and filling dishes that can warm you up on a cold day. They are also easy and flexible to make, as you can use whatever meat, vegetables, and sauce you have on hand.

However, they have some differences in terms of cooking method, cooking time, texture, and serving.

Stew is cooked on the stovetop, takes longer to cook, is more liquid, and is served in a bowl. Casserole is baked in the oven, takes shorter to cook, is more solid, and is served on a plate.

You can make both dishes better by seasoning well, browning the meat, and using quality ingredients.

Whether you prefer stew or casserole, you can enjoy a mouthwatering meal that will satisfy your hunger and taste buds.

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